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From: "Nelli"
Date: 2005-09-03 06:35:04 UTC
Subject: kidney diet-Q's
To: <>
Message-ID: <004001c5b051$9eb70040$10d2fea9@wilmos>

I've read through earlier posts on FHL and some articles on the net about k=
idney failure and low protein diet, and I feel a bit confused. So probably,=
someone can help me to clear it up...

This week we did a blood test and our vet phoned me with the results that m=
y four-year-old boy's creatinine level is a bit high. He said it must be be=
cause of an early stage kidney failure, which could be stopped worsening wi=
th a low protein diet so that he won't need medicine. Now he is looking for=
a diet cat food, which could be good for ferrets, too. He supposes Eukanub=
a k/d would be ok. (Totally Ferret is not available in our country.)

And here comes my first question: I might have misunderstood something, but=
aren't such k/d foods to give comfort to ferrets with symptoms (we don't h=
ave any) or is it recommended to prevent developing them, too?

Our vet didn't mention anything about Phosphorus or BUN level, and I don't =
know why. There wasn't a urine test, either. I'm going to see the results o=
n Monday, as he promised to get more information on kidney failure in ferre=
ts by then, since he has no experience with it. (Don't say to find another =
vet, he is the best in the town.)

So comes my second question: as my boy's teeth look really ugly... can mout=
h problems have any effect on the kidneys, which causes a rise in Creatinin=
e level? Can it be reversible? Should I have his teeth checked again? (Last=
time I showed it to a vet, I was told that there's nothing wrong with his =
teeth it's just coloring because of his age, and although really ugly, it's=
normal, so nothing should be done.) My boy doesn't seem to have any pain i=
n his mouth.

Although, my vet gets really upset if a make comments or suggestions, but b=
ased on this information (I think it's all he knows, too), should I insist =
on any other test or examination to be done before saying that my ferret re=
ally has kidney failure?

Thank you very much for your help and advice.