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From: "Chris and Tara Palaski"
Date: 2005-09-07 18:31:46 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Breeding
To: <>
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You will get many different answers depending on the breeder and the area of
the world they are from. In the US it is standard to house ferrets indoors
and follow a different husbandry program than is seen in England. I would
be happy to share my US breeding experience if it would help you but not
sure if it is appropriate for this list. I also have a list of good
veterinary and husbandry books for you. I have taken what is useful,
accurate and appropriate for my breeding plan and ethics from many sources
in order to devise the best husbandry plan for me. If this is a topic
others on this list want to hear about I will post publically, otherwise
just drop me a private message and I will answer whatever questions

Tara Palaski

[Moderator's Note: health and behavioral aspects of husbandry fit in the content of
this list, and are not only fine to post here but will be a useful addition to the
archives. If you think that a portion might be inappropriate for younger readers
then that part can be shared privately, of course. As Tara points out there are a
variety of viewpoints on some aspects so tolerance is in order on that regard.]