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Date: 2005-09-11 00:58:32 UTC
Subject: Please help ? about meds
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I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my ferret Ashton having a cough. I took him to a vet in Phoenix to have it checked out. When I took him down he was still pretty active, I did notice him tiring more quickly than usual, but he was still eating and he seemed okay except for the cough.

The vet took an xray and found some fluid in his chest so I kept him there for a couple of days and they monitored him. I guess the blood work came back normal and an ultrasound was done and it came back normal. It looks like he has some type of chronic inflamation.

I went to pick him up and they gave me some medicine and he is less active now than he was when I took him in. He looks horrible actually and can hardly keep his eyes open.

I am wondering if the meds that he is on have side effects that will cause him to be this way. He is taking 0.2 mL of cefa drops every 12 hours for the infection. 0.1 mL Prednisolone every 12 hours for the inflamation and 0.1 mL furosemide every 12 hours to pull the moisture out of his body.

I am hoping that it is the medicine and that he will be back to his old self after the meds are finished. I always hesitate to medicate because of the side effects. Can anyone give me some input on this? I am more worried now than before and it is making me want to stop the meds.

Thanks for any advice.