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Date: 2005-09-11 18:30:11 UTC
Subject: bile stones in 5,5 year old male ferret
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To my surprise my 5 year old ferret namend Max had bile stones. His bile blatter had to be removed and now he is trying to recover from this major surgery.
Last year he overcame a realy serious case of pneumoniae, his mate died from the same pneumoniae. His lungs are badly damaged fromt the pneumoniae.
Four weeks ago he couldn't use his left hind leg, and he overcame that too.
And now he has bile stones. I tried to find information on the web, but there is not much to find.
Does annyone have information for me?
I know that the bile stones are due to wrong feeding.

What can I expect when he finaly comes home?

He has a post operative fever, and I am really worried!