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Date: 2005-09-11 20:18:42 UTC
Subject: Possible Adrenal? Worried
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I am very worried about my first and only ferret, who is now 4 1/2 yrs. old. I have noticed that the fur on his tail is getting very sparse, especially near the tip. Now I can see the skin at the last inch or so of his tail. It looks dry and there are some blackheads. Also, though he started shedding in June (possibly late June), he is still shedding.

At this point, Rocky has no other signs of Adrenal, and he was examined by the vet in late July and was fine (except for tartar building up on his teeth again), though no blood tests were taken.

I will be calling my vet tomorrow, but I would like some information (and consolation), if possible. I love my vet--he is a ferret lover and has ferrets of his own, but he is not that experienced, though very bright and on top of research and learning as much as he can at every opportunity.

If I bring Rocky to see him, is there a specific blood test that would show if his hormone levels are normal, and confirm if he does or doesn't have the disease? I read that the regular blood test doesn't usually pick up Adrenal problems.
Also, if needed, what is the best kind of surgery? I read that there are new types of surgery: cryosurgery and laser surgery.

If you can email me directly, I would greatly appreciate it.

Shron & Rocky