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Date: 2005-09-15 15:04:58 UTC
Subject: Mitotane does not work - any other options?
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Deal All,

I have a 5 year-old female who had one of her adrenal glands removed by the=
age of 2 (gland was huge and her vulva was really swollen). Last year she =
had a tumor just under the skin, near to the tail, which has been removed a=
nd has came back for 3 times - now it seems that this problem has been solv=
ed for good, as it=B4s been almost a year since the tumor was last removed.=
But this suggests that she is prone to have tumors (which ferret is not?).=


We do not know if the remaining adrenal gland has a tumor - all the ultraso=
und exam shows is that the gland is enlarged (about half an inch) and eveyt=
hing else seems OK.

I=B4ve been giving her Mitotane (Lysodren - 40mg) every 3 days for 3 months=
now (first week I gave it to her every day) but she is still going bald. A=
part from this, she is fine, eating, playing, sleeping normally. No weight =
change has occured.

If Mitotane were working, her hair should already have started to grow, whi=
ch has not happened so far. Is there another non-cirurgical option I could =
try? Is that a bad option just to let her live the way she is, bald and hap=
py? Or should I insist on any other medication at this point?

Thanks a lot for your help