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Date: 2005-09-15 18:52:25 UTC
Subject: RE: Bailey''s gone...
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I have the same problem here. Okojyo attacks any rescued ferrets we bring home. She
only got along with the baby ferrets that came from Petco.

I have not seen how she will react now to a baby from Petco. Perhaps her demeanor
has changed. She does exactly what yours does, and it does not change. Trying to give
them time and space does not work. She sniffs out the ferret, and tries to kill it.

She does not do it as much to some, and more to others. I suspect it is a combination
of how the other ferret smells, and how it reacts. If it makes more of a fuss, she gets
really excited and tries harder.

I would say just keep trying, and maybe give both a bath, that way they are on "equal
grounds" (use a ferret shampoo) and then maybe that will help I am not sure. I have yet
to try it here (I just keep two separate playtimes, day for rescues, night for my own


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