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From: Xtasy Ferrets
Date: 2005-09-18 23:22:39 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] RE: Adrenal disease
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>Remember that it is NOT sterilization alone (and certainly some whole
>ferrets have gotten adrenal disease). What looks to be going on is a
>combination of sterilization with too much light exposure.
>Increased light exposure (i.e. too little complete darkness) reduces the
>melatonin amounts made by the pineal gland, just as happens with Spring
>coming, and some artificial indoor lights seem to be good at doing this
>unwanted thing.
>The decrease in melatonin causes the pituitary to increase its production
>of LH and FSH.
>Now, if a ferret is whole there can be a hormonal feedback loop, but
>non-reproductive hormone producing tissues can't say, "Shut up." to the


respectfully-- none of this has been proven to date only summized.

I have fferrets who were altered later in life age 3 years-- who have lived
until the age of 9.5 years without ANY SIGN of adrenal disease.. they
finally died of renal failure-- old age...

I personally do feel that light is NOT the r4eal issue rather that the
absence of hormonal input due to castration and spay which wears on
efficiency of the endocrine system is the ultimate culprit.
I realize am only one small voice with a small sampling of ferrets.... but
future studies , I do believe will back this up.

There is already studies of this sort on other mammals.

Alicia D.