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Date: 2005-09-19 14:03:13 UTC
Subject: Diarrhoea for three wks
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I have two baby ferts (3 1/2months), who have both had diarrhoea for four w=
eeks. I've never had ferrets before so i'm struggling with finding a possib=
le diagnosis or cure. I have read up on all the different things it can be.=
Many of the symptoms they have point to ECE. The variations in stools from=
green mucous to birdseed and back again. However it doesn't smell and they=
are eating and drinking plenty. they're very energetic and look healthy in=
themselves. I am very concerned that it may cause long term problems with =
them still only being babies. The vet has put them on antibiotics and we're=
feeding them a dog food which contains chicken, turkey, rice and egg as it=
is highly digestible. He thinks it is Collitis (inflamtion of the large in=
testine) I don't even know if ferrets can catch this or if we should be fee=
ding them this food. Their stools do seem better since they've been on the =
food but they seem a little hyperactive and eat the small amounts we're giv=
ing them immediately so they're without until we feed them again.

Can anyone offer me any advice or reassurance, I'm at my wits end.