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Date: 2005-09-19 14:19:16 UTC
Subject: RE: gallstones?????????
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My ferret Max who is 5.5 years old has had his gall blatter removed about two weeks ago. He had a lot of small gall stones (or bile stones) His symptomes were: white/grayisch poe. No nausea, a bit lethargic, he just wasn't himself.
My veterinarian, who is a renowned ferret docter here in the netherlands, did a blood test to show liver enzyms (GPT(ALT) and billirubin)which were high. This in combination with the white poe (which could have been a gallstone ubstructing the gallduct) was enough to descide to have his gallblatter removed.
Now we are about two weeks after surgery and he is doing great!
He will have to take some medication for the rest of his live, but for me that is not a problem.

When I learnd that Max had gallstones, I had the same problem as you do, there just isn't any information about gallblatter problems in ferrets on the web.
I hope I could be of some help.


Author wrote:
> I am trying to find anyone who's had a ferret have problems with gallstones???
> Our Cujo keeps having episodes of nausea and lethargy. Last time it lasted for almost
> two weeks . We are giving him amoxi and also giving him carafate before his feedings
> of recipe. He is grinding his teeth too. Also we are administering fluids. He is going to
> the vet for a sonogram of his tummy. I can't seem to find any postings on gallbladder
> problems.
> Angie George