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From: "Yvonne Wehmueller"
Date: 2005-09-19 14:15:17 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] gallstones?????????
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Hi Angie,

My ferret had a gallstone removed surgically back in June. The vet said he
hadn't seen too many in ferrets and, comparatively, this one was pretty

Her symptoms were the same as the symptoms for an intestinal blockage.
Lethargy, vomiting, hacking, weight loss, loss of appetite. In fact, I was
sure it was a blockage bothering her. She has eaten fuzz, etc. her whole
life. Fortunately, she has always passed whatever material she's eaten.
This time, however, she started losing weight and refusing food so I knew
things were serious. Funny... the vet never found an ounce of foreign
material blocking anything! Just the gallstone. She surely would have died
without surgery. I'm lucky to live within an hours drive of a very
competent ferret vet. As with all good vets... everything was checked while
she was under.

Along with the gallstone, a liver biopsy indicated "portal hepatitis".
Post-op. treatment was the same as for helicobactor - an amoxi/biaxin combo.

I still have the gallstone... what an ordeal.

If you have further questions or would like the vet info. (I'm sure he'd be
happy to consult w/your vet if need be.) feel free to email me personally.