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From: "CVB"
Date: 2005-09-20 18:57:36 UTC
Subject: Hi, bladderstones/ aleutian/ oestrogens
To: <>
Message-ID: <004201c5be15$2b37b930$0301a8c0@pbportable>

I am a Belgian vet dealing ea with ferrets and I would like to know a bit =
more about these gallbladder stones of wich I do not remember to have heard=
abou previouslyt...But I have had cases coming back as" portal hepatitis"w=
ith huge bile ducts (and increased size local lymphatics) improving with am=
Testing of aleutian diseases in belgium is very difficult ( =3Dmpossible e=
xcept protein pattern) aswell, so, if I could get the address of a dutch la=
b doing this test I would be very grateful.Is ther a lab doing reliable te=
st for oestradiol in Europe?
What does the blood analyses look like in case of gallbladderstones? U say =
" High": I think I need to know "how high f"or differential diagnose of liv=
er troubles.Are the stones visible on an Xay or only ultrasounds ?
... many questions?
Thanks for your interest and help
Christine ( Brussels)