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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2005-09-21 18:42:49 UTC
Subject: Question Was: Cujo and Insulinoma
Message-ID: <>

I was just joking. I was joking that IF my healthy ferrets sleep a bit
too much
I start to worry about them being sick or having insulinoma undiagnosed,
just me being paranoid.

The ferrets can sleep :)
But for insulinoma waking up to feed after 5 hours is reasonable
except for middle of the night of course.

3cc ( about 1/2 teaspoon) of feeding even 6 times a day is not that much.
10-15cc's of baby food, or similar
maybe 3 times a day would be more substantial for helping to stabilize a
sugar. Does she not eat on her own? Or eating ok on own, but
you are just adding Really depends on how stable the blood sugars are.
If what
you are doing is working and the blood sugars are stable, then ignore me

What is in the feedings?


> Oh.... so I should not let Bianca sleep? Usually she comes to me and
> asks for
> her protien fix. But sometimes she sleeps. Should I make it
> manditory that
> she get more?
> I think I have 1.5cc droppers, the numbers have rubbed off from
> cleaning. I
> feed her 2 droppers usually 4-6 times per day/night.
> Thanks.
> Kathy and Bianca.