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Date: 2005-09-24 19:22:22 UTC
Subject: RE: High Creatinine-what else?
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Has the urine CONCENTRATION been looked at? When Hilbert had hydronephrosis that was the most important test for him.


An interesting finding in evaluating the renal enzymes of ferrets is the relatively insensitivity of creatinine as an indicator of renal failure. Kawasaki et al. In 1995 documented a number of cases in which animals with histologic evidence of end-stage kidneys and blood urea nitrogen levels of 300-400 had creatinine levels lower than 3.0 mg/dl. In fact, the normal creatinine of this species averages approximately half the level of the dog and cat. In evaluation of azotemia, the prudent practitioner should also evaluate urine specific gravity on a routine basis, rather than awaiting elevations in creatinine for confirmation of renal disease.

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Just on an unlikely off-chance of misunderstanding: is it possibly Creatine K that is up?

If so:

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