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From: "Nelli"
Date: 2005-09-24 21:00:18 UTC
Subject: RE: High Creatinine-what else?
To: <>
Message-ID: <>

Thanks a lot for the links... They are great help. I've read through them
quickly, and I will read them again.

No urine test has been done and our vet doesnt't want one, either (I have
already talked to him about it a few times) as he thinks the high Creatinine
proves that it's renal failure. Of course, I will see another vet who will
do it and have ultra sound, too, after the next blood test this week, if
ours says no again.

It's creatinine, not creatinine kinase...

I've run through the article about ubuprofen toxicosis, but he has never
been given any medications as he has never been ill, so I don't think it
could stand for him. And he never eats raisins or grapes, either...

I might misunderstand something, but as I read if creatinine is high there
should be other abnormalities, too, shouldn't there?
Thanks again! I hope I will know more this week.