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Date: 2005-09-28 18:50:26 UTC
Subject: cling peaches for nausea
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Author wrote:
> She did a barium and he didn't have a blockage

This is not a guarantee there's not a foreign body. Even with barium you can miss them. In a young ferret, vomiting is very often due to a foreign body.

Perhaps it's large enough to not pass out of the stomach. They can move around and not always create a blockage and the barium may go right through like there's nothing wrong. This may also be why he doesn't vomit every time he eats.

Our Sidney had multiple xrays, both without and without barium and nothing was ever seen. When our vet went in, he found two large rubber disks in his stomach. Where he got them or what they came off of, I still don't know. And by the way, he NEVER vomited, so go figure.

I can't say that this is what your ferret has going on, but don't rule it out just because the barium scan didn't show anything.


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Someone told me about using 1cc of cling peach juice to help with nausea
for Calix. I deleted that email and forgot who told me, could that
person (or anyone else) tell me how often to give it?

Ann Haager

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