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Date: 2005-09-30 03:55:45 UTC
Subject: RE: ferret "coughing" alott and breathing funny
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Author wrote:
She has always had a slight cough but usually while she is eating and I thought it was b/c she eats so fast.

Hello. I have had this same problem, and i had so many people help me with this. i agree with S.C that it could be something quite serious, but try doing little things to find out what's wrong.

*do you use woodchips for bedding in the ferret cage? (these hurt the little guy's lungs)

*do you use scented fabric softner, detergent, or bounce sheets to wash their blankets?

*how about if you use any kind of litter deodorizor?

*do you use any kind of air fresheners, sprays, candles, carpet deodorizor, or harsh cleaners in or around the cage?

a lot of things can trigger coughing in a ferret, because they are so sensitive. i had to stop using litter deodorizor, scented laundry detergent because my ferret Gus was just too sensitive to it.
try to iliminate these things. hopefully it's just a sensitivity issue.

good luck.

Anna, Wish(Papa), Gus and Oskar.