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From: "Randy Ferret Aid"
Date: 2005-11-01 14:29:03 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] ADV testing in Canada
To: <>

I just got off the phone with the head virologist at the university of
Guelph. The CEP testing will go forth in Canada. This will make it a LOT
more cost effective for us to test our ferrets. Testing was originally
planed to start next week but the lab didn't realize that ferrets had a
strain of ADV all of their own and they only purchased the mink strain from
United Vaccine.

The lab is now in the process of obtaining the ferret strain and is happy to
work with ferret lovers across Canada. The test will cost about $30 and will
include up to 20 samples (20 different ferrets) which makes testing for
shelters in Canada a whole lot nicer and for you fuzzy lovers out there with
multiple ferrets nicer too!

Until the university has the appropriate ferret strain of ADV to test for,
please do not send samples in, you'll be testing for the wrong virus.

In the long run (in a couple of months) they will also include a PCV test (a
test to find the DNA of the virus in a sample of blood) if they have any
positive tests.

I'll keep you all up to date on the progress, but we should be set to go in
a couple of weeks, once the university gets the right strain from United
Vaccine :) Very happy!

Miss Randy Melanie Belair
The Ferret Aid Society <>

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