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Date: 2006-01-01 01:01:12 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Adrenal Survey

I've been running an adrenal survey on my website for a several years now, and currently have 2,032 responses. The survey is far from scientific but I believe some of the results are interesting.

The male/female ratio was pretty close to 50/50. 982 response were for male ferrets, 1050 were females.

The age when first diagnosed was somewhat spread out, with 3-4 years edging ahead with 26% of the responses. 39 ferrets were 1 year or less.

By far, insulinoma came out on top as the most common, concurrent disease, but 1310 ferrets had no other major diseases.

As one might suspect, hair loss was the most common symptom first noticed, at 1191 responses, or 58%. A swollen vulva was second at 311 responses, but one has to take into account that hair loss knows no gender while a swollen vulva is only in females.

1212 were diagnosed by symptoms alone while ultrasound accounted for only 183 and x-ray, 32 ferrets.

1138 opted for surgery as the method of treatment while 501 said they proceeded with NO treatment. The question doesn't allow to determine why such a large number answered "no treatment."

1404 people said that no drugs were used to treat the adrenal disease, while Lupron topped the list of drugs at 294 cases. Keep in mind this survey was created before Melatonin was commonly used as a form of treatment so it was not there as a possible answer.

614 ferrets had the left gland removed, 201 the right and 310 had both removed. There was no option to determine if a gland was totally removed or simply debulked.

887 said that symptoms subsided in 1-3 months. Interestingly enough, 865 said the symptoms never subsided. Again, this is difficult to interpret because the question didn't ask if the symptoms never subsided because there was no treatment or they never subsided after treatment.

1535 said their ferret was an early spay/neuter. Only 10 said their whole ferret developed adrenal disease.

1804 fed their ferrets kibble only, and 2017 ferrets lived indoors.


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