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Date: 2006-01-02 00:45:48 UTC

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There are a range of diseases which have been mistaken for DIM at first:
other causes of sepsis, JL, other lymphoma type(s), Canine Distemper, meningitis,

While DIM patients can lose appetite most do not; most retain a good appetite
but are weak enough to need help to eat.

What is the white count like?

Signs of sepsis present?


**Those were my questions as well, Sukie. All of the cases of DIM that I
have seen (and some of you may recall that I saw the first case discussed on this
forum and was the first to ask if this was an emerging disease) have had
wonderful appetites, although they needed assistance to eat. No mention was made
of the temperature on this ferret, and I would be very interested in this. Is
there or has there been an inflamed lymph node noted, also?

As far as the question of whether or not the Metacam might affect pathology
results - yes, it might. If this is indeed DIM, it is an inflammatory illness
and as Metacam is an anti-inflammatory drug, it could indeed have some effect
on the tissue. As could the previously administered amoxicillin, even after
it was stopped.

I'm so sorry to hear of this little guy's illness, Barb - I know how much you
care for the kids.**

Dr. Ruth
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