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Date: 2006-01-02 17:09:06 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Post-surgery diabetes here

Hi all (waving at Pam S),

Mostly I just need some reassurance. Bear had a partial-pancreatectomy on
Thursday (12/29) and came home the next day. He seemed ok through Saturday
morning (right up until the vet closed, naturally.) He had surgery with X, so you
know he was in good hands! Anyway, we got increasingly worried about him over
the weekend because his appetite was diminishing. We took him to a different vet
today because X is closed today.

The other vet (Dr Y at YY AH in Abingdon, Md) told us Bear's glucose is extremely
high and he's dehydrated, and also expressed shock that we had chosen to do
surgery on Bear (who at best guess will be turning 6 at some point in 2006 and was
just discovered to have a benign chest mass. (At no point did I get the feeling Dr X
was worried about doing the surgery.) Now, I don't know how critical Bear truly is.

I've had other ferrets who have had post-surgery transient diabetes, and that's
exactly what this sounds like. (By the way, his adrenals were not touched. He
already had his left side adrenal out last year.) Still, Dr Y made us feel like Bear was
very critical. His equipment maxed out at 474 for glucose, so it's at least that high.

Right now, Bear is at that clinic, getting fluids. We're waiting to hear if there are
ketones or not (waiting for pee, i guess.) (Thanks again, Pam.)

can some of you who have gone through this give me some idea of what to expect
time-wise? It's been about 7 years since my last run-in with post-surgery diabetes,
so I really don't remember much. Does he have a good, solid chance at recovery, do
you think? I would love some reassurance.


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