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Date: 2006-01-02 19:04:39 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Post-surgery diabetes here

It sounds like post surgical diabetes to me, and that usually is temporary.

We have had ferrets as old as 8 have surgery successfully.

Here are some past posts to help:

which includes some diet and diabetes links.


which also has links to meds info

Some vet posts for you:

I don't recall if this includes temporary diabetes after surgery:

Okay, yes, it does, on page 4, so that should be a great help, too.

BTW, I noticed that I had a spelling error when I explained about hormones in both genders and that they also perform functions that are not at all gender specific, nor reproductive. I had to laugh at that since I'd just mentioned estrogens and brain function. Looks like I could have a bit more myself ;-).

-- Sukie (not a vet)
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