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Date: 2006-01-03 21:32:54 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] ADV Test News

United discontinuing CEP testing, and we're being referred to AVECON!!! OMG

Early last year I had 3 ferrets that tested United CEP positive, 3 times. Those same ferrets tested AVECON ELISA Negative 2 times.

Then PCR was performed at the U of GA, on blood serum, urine and feces.....all POSITIVE.

At the time of PTS, I had the vet do the AVECON ELISA test, so as not to hear that the NEGs were a result of "operator" error, which is something we all heard from Dr. Stephon/AVECON in 2001. Again, results were AVECON ELISA Neg for the 3rd time. AVECON'S CEP has never been reliable.

BTW, those were 3 ferrets out of the Abingdon 43 Rescue. That goes to show that anyone who is just doing random selection for testing, cannot, and should never claim to be, ADV NEG. Each and every ferret needs to be tested.

Everyone can draw their own conclusions on AVECON, but for me, the facts are in black and white that their tests had catastrophic failures. There is no reason for me, based on this experience above, to have the slightest faith in their test results. So why even waste money on an AVECON test if their results are totally unreliable.

BTW, I wrote Dr. Stephon repeatedly about his tests failing. I hesitated to go public with the catastrophic failures of AVECON's tests, giving Dr. Stephon the benefit of an opportunity to explain. He's ignored all of my letters.

Thank God I have a separate quarantine facility, and support enough to repeatedly test and retest all the ferrets involved in that rescue, which consistently tested United CEP NEG.

This is devastating news.

Barb Clay
Dir of Shelter Affairs
Rocky's Ferret Rescue and Shelter, Inc.
Parkton, Md. 21120

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