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Date: 2006-01-03 21:39:05 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Bear''s kidney values (update)

Today's kidney values:
Bear is still stable. No big changes. New blood results are better:

BUN 107 (down from 127)

Creatinine 5.7 (from 9.2)

Glucose 400

Electrolytes are normal

Vet #1 is away until January 9th. Ah well.

We're off to feed Bear now. They said his appetite wasn't good today, but I suspect they didn't feed him chicken...


Author wrote:
> Hi all.
> OK, for those who asked: Bear's first kidney values (from when he was FIRST admitted to "2nd vet" on Monday morning were as follows:
> bun this am was 127 mg dl...
> glucose was 420...
> creatine was 9.2 mg dl.
> Again, keep in mind he was VERY dehydrated when these were taken.
> There have been no levels taken since then because he has peed on a towel (silly clinics) and they didn't collect the urine in time. We still don't know ketones. I didn't smell anything noticably sweet when we were visiting him earlier tonight.
> The good news (the great news) is that he IS peeing and is not blocked.
> He is now at Vet Number Three (a well-respected emergency clinic that treats ferrets), and they have a good relationship with Vet number 2.
> I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful vet techs at all of the clinics we've been to lately. Maryland may have some great ferret vets, but most of us here know that the loving nursing care is just as important. I've met some wonderful veterinary nurses in the last five days. So, thank you (Alex, Megan, Linda, Claudia... thank you.)
> Bear will spend the day at Vet 3 (it's actually open 24 hours) until we can get him back to Vet 2. I am not sure if Vet 1 has a relationship with either Vet 2 or 3, but we'll see.
> Keep your paws crossed and knock on wood. No signs of urinary blockage or crystals, but his belly does seem distended today. (All the IV fluids??). No fever. Glucose dropped to 420 over the course of the day.
> If nothing else, I've definitely learned (again) that we, as ferret parents, truly have to be on top of EVERYTHING and be assertive and ask tons of questions and notice everything, etc etc.
> And as someone already asked, yes, Ferret Vet #1 is an extremely careful, well-respected vet and he did look at the right adrenal gland when he went in for the pancreas. He said the right adrenal looked perfectly normal. (He had already removed the left adrenal 18 months ago.)
> I'll keep the updates shorter from now on. Thanks again, everyone.
> -Andrea (and Bear)

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