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Date: 2006-01-04 00:43:01 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Re: Post-surgery diabetes

In a message dated 01/03/06 1:09:42 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
The other vet (Dr Y at YY AH in Abingdon, Md) told us Bear's glucose is
high and he's dehydrated, and also expressed shock that we had chosen to do
surgery on Bear (who at best guess will be turning 6 at some point in 2006
and was
just discovered to have a benign chest mass. (At no point did I get the
feeling Dr X
was worried about doing the surgery.) Now, I don't know how critical Bear
truly is.

**I would have probably gone ahead with surgery myself. A five year old
otherwise healthy ferret is not a bad surgical candidate. It does sound to me
like post-op rebound hyperglycemia, and odds are high that he will be back to
normal within a few more days. I have not yet had one require insulin post-op,
although it can happen, they've all just needed supportive care in the way of
fluids until the sugar levels return to normal.

In fact, as much as I hate to see one do this, I've found that I have longer
disease-free intervals in the ones that have done it, with either no return of
insulinoma symptoms or a return to symptoms over a year later.**

Dr. Ruth
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