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From: "M. and M. FitzPatrick"
Date: 2006-01-04 00:35:31 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Interpretation needed - blood glucose test (insulinoma)

I had a recent blood test done on our Sandman, the
ferret, who had been showing symptoms that concerned
us with regard to insulinoma. We are uncertain as to
our vets level of knowledge of ferrets.
After the results were in, the vet said (through a
secretary) there is likely NOT an insulinoma, but we
wanted another opinion. mostly because of two
statements on the results-report we requested from

First, was:
"Results based on Adult Canine cell size"

and, secondly, another comment:
"Animal Type: Cat"

This dog and cat business has us worried all over

I'm not sure how much of this report to list, but here
are a few items:

HCT = 43.5%
HGB = 15.0 g/dl
MCHC = 34.5 g/dl
WBC # 7.5 x10º/L
GRANS = 5.1 x10º/L
%GRANS # 68%
NEUT - 2.6 x10º/L
EOS - 2.5 x10º/L
L/M # 2.4 x10º/L
%L/M # 32%
PLT > 577 x10º/L

There is also a comment, nowhere near anything else,
that simply says "Low"

and also something about "Buffy Coat (6)"
"Buffy Coat cell layers inconsistent..." (etc.)

Should I be concerned?

Michael FitzPatrick
Ferret Shelter Northwest

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