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From: alicia ferretlady drakiotes
Date: 2006-01-04 16:58:38 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] ADV Test News

HI Barb-

We had disasters with the AVecon quick check early on as well. In fact we had
false positives when out of the blue Dr Stephon said to put a drop of blood into the
test instead of saliva.

It shut our facility down adn c ost us oodles to have United CEP run again on all the

I will never accept the Avecon tests for ADV-- whe we went through all that
expense and then U of GA tests to confirm the ferret in question ( which had in fact
been placed out of state - anad what a terrible mess it stirred up ) was clean!

I am looking into the possibility of shipment of blood for ADV testing a U of
Geulph so we will not be totally out of the loop. I have lost touch with the current U
of GA policies now that there test is for veterinarians only .

Alicia D.

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