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Date: 2006-01-04 18:30:53 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Diagnosed with Lymphoma

I have written to the list in the past when my little girl(Dinky) who is 6 years old suddenly presented with hind leg weakness. She recently had adrenal surgery which was successful in July 2005. Now through a bone marrow biopsy the Vet is almost sure that Dinky has Lymphoma. Dinky is so anemic that the Vet does not recommend Chemo, so has prescribed Prednislone 0.4cc twice daily. This dosage greatly improved Dinky's condition for a while, now this past Sunday she presented again with hind leg weakness, and almost lethargic. Vet recommended increasing the dosage and over the last few hours, I have noticed an improvement in Dinky's condition.

Her spleen and tummy are very large and with the hind leg weakness she is pushing and pulling herself to move around. The main problem right now is the place where the adrenal surgery was done had totally healed up, even the fur had grown back. BUT now since she is pushing herself around, her tummy is getting red and raw looking. I have tried using some liquid bandage to help prevent irritation.
Does anyone have any suggestions that I could offer to Help in this situation?
Dinky is my first ferret and I can not believe this is happening to her. Thanks in advance for any advance.
Arthur & Dinky

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