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Date: 2006-01-05 00:30:42 UTC

Yesterday I had shoulder and hip muscle biopsies taken and sent to Dr. Garner at Zoopath. I need some clarification about the study. Our tech at my vet's contacted Zoopath to let them know that some samples for the DIMS study were being overnited to them. The response was that the DIMS study is concluded, but they would do the pathology for a fee.

I spoke to the other half of this research team, Dr. Ramsell. I was very impressed with her, and we chatted a long time. She's going to contact Zoopath and see what's up, as she hadn't heard anything. I believe I'm being charged $70 each for the biopsy studies.

I also discussed with Dr. Ramsell that I had been instructed to stop supportive care by my vet. She said absolutely not, and to get Spike back on meds. Where the confusion has come in, is that my vet was taking Dr. Bruce William's lead on this protocol. Dr. William's is also available to do pathology. However, he's asked for the entire ferret, and without any supportive care prior to euthanasia.

So, Spike is back on meds. In one week his WBC went from 26K to 54.5K. Let's hope that with meds, we can get better numbers next week.

Dr. Ramsell said that Spike is an excellent candidate for study. I have a CBC from the time he was 6 mos old, as well as serial numbers from all of his vacinations. I've placed scanned copies of last week's, as well as yesterday's, CBC values on this forum. They can be viewed in the Pictures File, and the album is Rocky's Ferret Rescue and Shelter. Maybe this link will work, I don't know and can't preview this post to see.

Barb Clay
Dir of Shelter Affairs
Rocky's Ferret Rescue and Shelter
Parkton, MD. 21120

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