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Date: 2006-01-05 01:00:47 UTC

I think that there was some confusion.

Dr. Williams has been mostly inactive in this project recently, though he is communication with Doctors Garner and Kiupel.

With a disease that is so elusive pathologists prefer ferrets who have not been treated or specimens from ferrets who have not yet been treated because that increases the chance of finding the cause when it is so hard to find. Ditto full cadaver, and that means that the best chance is with the the full cadavers of ferrets who have never been treated.

I think that this was misunderstood at the animal hospital which spoke with you.

Yes, Dr. Ramsell is very helpful and a real sweetheart. All of the people who have worked on this illness and those working on it now are all marvelous people who have repeatedly given their help when it was desired and sought. I hope that it soon becomes clear what is happening w the pathology.

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