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From: Andrea
Date: 2006-01-05 18:02:52 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] hard belly//waiting for cbc results

Hi everyone, I had written in last week about my female Rayna who had a
hardened belly. Thanks for everyone's help and input. I have a few further
questions if anyone can help me. I took Rayna in for her appt. The vet confirmed
that it was her spleen that is enlarged. I mentioned to him that I was given advice
about that it could be an infection or lymphoma. He tells me that enlarged spleens
are quite common in ferrets, and they usually dont find the reason as to why. He
steered me in the direction of doing an ultrasound, which we did, which confirmed
yes the spleen is enlarged. He said he didnt find any noticable tumors on it, and the
organs looked normal, except for her left adrenal looked tiny slightly enlarged, but
said that wouldnt be the cause of her enlarged spleen. I kept asking him, what
could be the cause..etc... he said it was just common for them to get enlarged
spleens without any reason why, says he sees it all the time... He just said to have
her rechecked
in 2 weeks.

I talked to a wonderful shelter Mom who told me to not stop there, to bring her
back and have a CBC (no, the vet didnt even recommend that). We did that, and I
am awaiting a call back with the results.

In the meantime, if the test does come back with a high white count, that would
mean she has some type of infection, right? What if it comes back normal? What
would be the next step we would take? Would he test her lymphnodes? Aspirate,
or would a biopsy be better?

Her spleen is still the same, her eating and drinking, and output is all normal. Her
activity level is ok - still the same as it was last week, but not like it used to be
before all this.

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to have a plan of action in place. I want to
do whats best for my girl. Thank you for your help.

Andrea and Rayna

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