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From: Andrea
Date: 2006-01-06 00:11:42 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: hard belly//waiting for cbc results

Thanks for your reply Sukie. I heard back from the vet. He said Rayna's white count
was in normal range (I forget the #, but he said he was confident that there was no
infection), but that instead, her red count was slightly low at 39%. He was not overly
concerned about that, because its only slightly low.

He said there are a few options to choose from: -to wait and recheck her red
count in a couple of weeks, or to do an aspirate of her spleen to check for cancers,
or (I told him I was still concerned with her low activity level), he said we can do a
glucose test for insulinoma. I highly doubt she's got insulinoma... I've had her for
the past 1 1/2 years, all she eats is kibble (high quality, high protein), meat baby
food, and Bob C's Chicken gravy. I've tested her in the past on junk food to see if
she will take any, she absolutely will not, so it tends to make me think that she
wasnt fed junk food before she came to me. Aside, the insulinoma would not
address the spleen enlargement.

I read that adrenal disease can cause anemia. When he did her ultrasound, he did
notice that her left gland was slightly enlarged. He did say that anemia would also
cause the spleen to enlarge. She has been itchy lately also. She also has some fur
loss at the base of her tail (I know, adrenal sign - but I had been waiting on that
since she had the same fur loss last winter, and I read it could be from seasonal
changes, and it did regrow back in). So could adrenal disease be whats causing all
of this? The anemia could be causing her inactivity and her spleen to enlarge?

The vet said he would recommend to proceed with the glucose test next, as its the
least invasive. But I dont think thats it. Does adrenal disease sound more likely?
Its such a big decision to put her through surgery without being convinced. Do you
think I am on the right track? Thank you so very much for any input.

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