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From: "MC"
Date: 2006-01-06 17:41:31 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Question about Gerbers
To: <>


I am sure your market has a 'baby's first food' section...Over here, the big
manufacturers are Gerber's and Beechnut, but I am sure no matter where you
are, someone makes a food designated for an infant's first food.

The mixed, full meals are usually what we call here, Junior's, and are not
the most wholesome food to give you ferret. The veggies are not always
pureed so could cause blockage issues.

Are you in Great Britain or a European country? Perhaps someone here, if
they knew where you lived (Country only please) can direct you to a baby
food brand that is satisfactory for your ferret.


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> I always hear "you Americans" talking about Gerbers turkey babyfood and
I'd like to know if turkey is the only thing in it. The babyfood we have
here is like whole meals, with meat, veggies and rice or macaroni, so I
don't know if I can give it to the ferrets in case of need.

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