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From: Caitlyn Martin
Date: 2006-01-06 22:11:41 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Chicken Gravy (was: Question about Gerbers)

Hi, Nanny,

This may shock some but I've never given baby food to
my ferrets. It's good but I have come to believe (and
our original vet came to believe) that Bob Church's
Chicken Gravy is a better choice. I have no problem
at all making it pretty quickly and easily with Pam
Sessoms' pressure cooker method. It freezes well so I
get the biggest organic and/or farm fresh chicken I
can find and make a big batch, pour it into yogurt
cups or small tupperware cups when done. I keep one
cup at a time defrosted so it can be readily served.

All of my ferrets save Nyssa think gravy is a great
treat. Nyssa, who really needs the gravy, will eat
some for me if I hand feed her (offer it in a spoon)
but she's not as thrilled about it as the others. I
think Ella would empty a bowl of the stuff if I gave
it to her.

I really believe Bob Church's Chicken Gravy has helped
every sick and underweight ferret I've given it to.
Pertwee, my most medically challenged little monster,
practically lived on the stuff for the last three
years of his life. Nyssa is now in her 14th month of
living with lymphoma and she still has a good quality
of life. Lots of high quality, high cal food has to
be helping her keep a little weight on.

See; and definitely
look at the pressure cooker method as all other ways
of making the stuff are pretty, well... unappetizing.

All the best,
Caity and the fantastic four

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