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Date: 2006-01-06 22:46:10 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Lupron Sharing ??

Author wrote:
> I've hard that it was possible to order Lupron for the 4 month shot, and split it between several ferrets ... more medication is in each vial than the amount needed and the medication is lost that is not used. Is this true? Has anyone done this before??

Depends on where you get the Lupron. If you order it from Professional Arts Pharmacy, 1-800-832-9285, they will sell you a single ferret size dose of 4-month Lupron. You can get either 1 mg (works in most cases) or 2 mg. Obviously, 2 mg is twice as expensive as 1 mg. Haven't bought it in a while, but 1 mg used to be $100. Expect your vet to add shipping costs, office visit, profit margin, etc. My vet charged me $135 total for a 1 mg, 4-month Lupron injection.

If you buy a single, human sized dose to split among many ferrets, it will cost you several thousand dollars. Once it is mixed, it must be used immediately (you'd need a LOT of ferrets) or the remainder must be frozen at -80 degrees. There is some effectiveness freezing it in a fairly standard freezer, but how long it will remain okay is only a guess.

As I said, Lupron from Professional Arts is just enough for one ferret. No muss, no fuss, none wasted. Mix it, inject it all and you're done.


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