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Date: 2006-01-08 03:57:14 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] CoQ10 & fish oil (was Re: Diabetes and Kidney)

Saturday 1/7 update on Bear

Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes. Today was a good day, and I hope the progress continues.
I don't know actual numbers, but "vet #3" :-) sent Bear home today, since his BUN, Creatinine, and glucose were normal today. However, I still have to give him sub-cu fluids (as well as Baytril and a few other things). I will be giving him (at least) 40 cc's of ringer's solution every other day, if not more often.

The vet does not seem concerned about Bear's diet, but I may try to introduce a lower-protein diet now that Bear has had the partial pancreatectomy.

Pam S (a moderator here) also recommended CoQ-10 and Sukie recommended fish oil. I obtained an "all in one" capsule from the pharmacy today (where, oddly, I met the lead singer from Creed, LOL) but what I need to know now is DOSAGE. How much CoQ-10 and fish oil should I aim for each day to keep his kidneys on the mend??

He goes back for a recheck in a week if he does not deteriorate before then. Thanks, everyone. Right now he's home, sleeping in his cage. I just pray he stays healthy.


Author wrote:
> In a message dated 01/03/06 1:09:42 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> OK, for those who asked: Bear's first kidney values (from when he was FIRST
> admitted to "2nd vet" on Monday morning were as follows:
> bun this am was 127 mg dl...
> glucose was 420...
> creatine was 9.2 mg dl.
> Again, keep in mind he was VERY dehydrated when these were taken.
> **Those aren't great numbers, but I'd really like to see a current value with
> the rehydration. Also, it would be good to know what his values were before
> surgery as a comparison.
> Acute kidney failure is very dangerous, but often the kidneys do bounce back
> from it. Hopefully the level of fluids and the urination will continue and
> his kidneys will improve as the sugar drops and his hydration status improves.**
> Dr. Ruth
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