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Date: 2006-01-09 16:42:12 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Serious help with coccidia - threatning to close shelter!

Hello. I'm hoping that I can make telephone contact with some vets with advanced, fresh ideas and info at the end of the day in this situation! :) Reason being the story is WAY too long to type up here...and honestly, I'd break my poor, carpelt-tunnel addeled wrist trying! :)

SHORT version is that we first began dealing with coccidia in June at my shelter. Pretty much everyone was affected, up to and including losing 7 of 42 shelter guests. We've been through more Albon than I can figure, trying this and that and this and that and AIEEEEE!!!

Again, LOOOOONG story short: over Thanksgiving, we finally had clear stool checks on everyone in our home/shelter, including many critters who'd then been through the 21 day course of Albon up to 4 times. YAY, we thought!!! I've been adopting out kids ever since; perhaps about 20 in all. To date no reported problems except one little gal. I sent her to her new home on December 3. For the last two days she's been a bit off and puny. Symptoms say insulinoma; off she goes to the vet. While there, she gives a fresh poopie - which is FULL o' coccidia!!!

Now, could just be a cooincidence...but I doubt it with the luck we've had this summer/fall. I know it's possible to have someone have the coccidia but it doesn't show up in a stool sample for whatever I'm thinking we have a little carrier/broadcaster. How on earth do I figure out who it is? How do we function without simply keeping everyone on Albon every day FOREVER!!! How do we figure out if we need something else (if there is anything) to get rid of it?!?!?! At this point, this is threatning to close our shelter, since we apparently just can't get a handle on this nightmare.

Please, if any vets out there could take the time to hear the entire tale and offer any fresh ideas, we would be grateful!!! 248.219.9023. I'm happy to turn around and call you back to pay for the call. :) Our vet is excellent but he's at the end of the line when it comes to ideas. He's going to call Michigan State to see if the "bug lab" (obviously my term ha) has any ideas. ?!?!?!?! Help!!! :)

Motor City Ferrets

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