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Date: 2006-01-09 17:00:40 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Questions about consolidated lung


I have a 3.5 year old male, Johnny B. Good, who's been coughing, which sounds exactly like what I've experienced with cardio. X-rays revealed normal heart size and no fluid buildup as typically associated with cardio. The dx was a consolidated lung lobe. This is a new one to me. My understanding is that lung consolidation is due to a buildup of fluid or tissue in the lung, and with humans it's associated with pneumonia. My vet said it's like having "walking pneumonia."

Johnny's been coughing for going on 3 months now. We've tried Clavamox, Baytril, and now clindamycin (thinking if the lung is closed off there might be presence of an anaerobic bacterium). A followup x-ray showed slight positive change in the consolidation. He's still coughing, though.

My questions as they pertain to ferrets, if applicable, are:

What are the causes?
How common is this in ferrets?
What is the typical treatment for lung consolidation?

Thank you!


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