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From: Caitlyn Martin
Date: 2006-01-09 20:14:58 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Chicken Gravy

Hi, Winston, and everyone else,

--- Badger <> wrote:

> It's my understanding that the Chicken Gravy is a
> much more complete form of nutrition and that the
baby food
> is an alternative if the kids give you trouble over
> the Gravy.

Quite so. The exception would be some IBD ferrets
with some severe food allergies. In that case a
specific type of baby food (perhaps with some
supplementation) may give them the nutrition they need
without causing stomach problems.

I've found that all my ferrets over the years save one
(Ker Avon) took to gravy. Some loved it immediately
and some needed a little coaxing (hand feeding,
perhaps a dab on he nose) but then decided it was a
wonderful treat.

My point in posting is that I think some people go to
baby food as a first choice rather than an
alternative. Let's face it: baby food is more
convenient. For me, though, spending an hour and a
half to make it once every two or three months is
worthwhile if it helps my ferrets live a better life.

Our original vet (who practiced for 35 years) came to
be a big believer in Bob Church's Chicken Gravy. He
felt that it helped keep some of our seriously ill
ferrets going. I certainly believe that Nyssa, who's
been fighting lymphoma for nearly 14 months, wouldn't
be here without it.

Pertwee, my most medically challenged ferret,
practically lived on Gravy for the last three years of
his life, with Viokase-V added since he had chronic
pancreatitis. With the pancreatic enzymes added to
the gravy he had a food he could digest and that let
him maintain something close to a healthy body weight.
Oh, and yeah, Pertwee loved the stuff.

The usual disclaimer applies: I am not a vet, nor do
I play one on TV. Pam Sessoms taught me how to make
the Gravy and I think I've become quite the expert at
doing it quickly and efficiently.

All the best,
Caity and the fearsome foursome

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