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Date: 2006-01-10 01:34:49 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Questions about Lymphosarcoma & Lympho Leukemia in Ferrets

Sukie, I forgot to mention that of the 3 ferrets we lost to lymphosarcoma, all had surgery where biopsies were done, and came back as Lymphosarcoma.

Boozer went to the bridge on September 28, 2002 after having his spleen removed. Sage went to the bridge the morning after her spleen was removed and sent off for biopsy, and our StinkMan had such massive spread of the cancer that we opted to not allow him to wake up from surgery. His cancer was in almost every major organ in his body. His Lungs, Spleen, Stomach, Intestines, Pancreas, Liver and Kidney's.

But with Wiley we opted to not have any surgery other than the biopsies done with him. He is not on any medications, and no chemo or radiation therapy was done since we were told he only had 6 months to live.


Author wrote:
> Mary, on WHAT were these based?
> I have suspicions of a diagnosis, given that enlarged spleens are not unusual in ferrets and happen for a range of reasons, and the length of time, and no aggressive treatment mentioned, and the way you state it.
> You should read this on lymphoma/lymphosarcoma:
> and I suspect that you should also read this:

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