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Date: 2006-01-20 23:53:53 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: Melatonin implant protocol

Tim from Melatek advised me April & September (Spring & Fall) as well, which would mean every 6 months instead of every 4 - which is the length we're using for the adrenal ferrets.

In our experience, no matter when you give it, the "winter effect" is in store for many critters! We have critters who have adrenal disease but who are still furry or relatively pudgy get all fluffed/chubbed out after the implant. We're so happy to see 'em get so fat and fluffy not long after the implant! :)

Author wrote:
> I know the answer to this must be somewhere on the Web or in the FHL archives, but I can't seem to dig it out. When using melatonin implants as a possible preventative for adrenal disease, how ofen and when are the implants given? I seem to recall Dr. Murray telling me at the last IFC that they were given spring and fall, rather than every 3-4 months as they would be in an adrenal ferret, but I want to be sure of my facts.
> Brett
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