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Date: 2006-01-22 11:32:55 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Metrinidazole & bloody diarrhea, Pedialyte

My two ferrets, cagemates, were both exhibiting severe, bloody diarrhea, for a
couple days. (Their diarrhea has "improved" to birdseed as of now). There is a third
ferret in the house, who stays in a separate cage, but shares the same play area as
the others, who is not exhibiting any signs at all.

The vet diagnosed "rod overgrowth" from the fecals, and says it's Clostridium. I am
questioning this, and have submitted the samples for culture and sensitivity
elsewhere. The vet told me that culture and sensitivity are not the norm, and did
not submit.

A few questions:
To the vets and others who know: why not do a culture and sensitivity?

What I'd really like to know:
Must I administer this liquid Metronidazole while I wait for results? As most of you
know, the ferrets hate it, and spit it everywhere. It is very stressful, and they've
already learned to run when it's coming.

I have convinced the vet, with a bit of resistance, to special order me some
Metrinidazole in capsule form. Will it be less effective in this form?

Please send any successful ideas you may have had with masking the flavor; I'd
greatly appreciate it.

More questions:
I have been giving Pedialyte to keep them from dehydrating. One of them,
Finnegan, has been diagnosed w/IBD per intestinal biopsy, and cannot keep a good
weight as it is.
They love the Pedialyte, and I'm concerned they'll never drink regular water again :),
so it is keeping them hydrated, even when they were not eating (even baby food) for
a day or so. Does anyone have any thoughts as to the amount of sugar in Pedialyte,
or any other recommendations for keeping them hydrated? They have not been
severly hydrated to need subcu fluids, maybe since they've been drinking all this
sugar water...

Thank you in advance for any thoughts,

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