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Date: 2006-01-23 00:59:13 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] post op baby needs help again

this is re: previos posts on 11/20 and 12/09. Orit a six yr old. neutered male who had furballs removed and has been in declining health ever since. post op he had mucousy, runny stools and CONSTANTLY grinding teeth..he was put on carafate, prednilosone,flagyl,diazoxide,antibiotics, just about everything you can expect and it did not seem to help. after getting a multitude of low blood sugar readouts, the vet suspected that it must be insulinoma and we treated for four 1/2 weeks without any sign of ANY improvement. he did not respond to any of the combo of treatments and appeared to be in a lot of pain.his diet was baby food and meds.I decided to put him through insulinoma surgury because he seemed to be in constant pain. The vet went in and all seemed NORMAL, so he biopsied the liver, spleen and took out a small portion of the pancreas. we did meds and after a day or two the blood glucose was 110. At that time we recieved the path reports which indicated NO insulinoma...So I weened him off the pred and other meds over eight days.however he did not improve and three days ago I had a blood glucose done and it was 55, for two days in a ferret is just existing.... he eats his warm baby food when I feed him, but will not eat on his own.... his stools can be runny one time and seedy and somewhat formed the next. HE IS CONSTANTLY GRINDING HIS TEETH and today I swear I saw tears coming from his eyes. My vet doen't know what to do anymore and neither do I.All this little guys does is eat and sleep,he also itches a lot more than my other ferrets, has no energy to speak of,and his quality of life is questionable....I have spent over $2000.trying to get him backed to good health which I want more than anything....also I just want to know what is going on!!!!!!!!!! If anyone has any ideas or advice,I would be so grateful. I have condensed this post to just highlight Orits case, but specifics can be posted if it would help.He is currently on prednilasone.02 mg daily along with the carafate.{He has not lost any weight or hair through this ordeal }. Thanks to all in advance.....

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