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Date: 2006-01-28 16:11:57 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Pleural Effusion

Hello everyone. My name is Robin and I am the proud "Mom" of two wonderful ferrets. I had three but lost one this past summer to old age. The remaining two are seniors also. Both of which are seriously ill. One has Heart Disease,he is 8 yrs young, and the other is an Adrenal baby that is 10yrs young. About two weeks ago she was very lethargic and was having some difficulty breathing. I took her to my "New" Vet and she took X-rays of her and she had fluid build-up in her chest cavity and her bloodwork was abnormal in some ranges. She has treated lots of ferrets but this has her stumped. She tapped her chest on both sides and is sending a specimen to a lab for analysis. There was also a large amount of blood in the fluid she drained. She has not been dropped, steped on or injured in any way. The bloody fluid in her chest isn't related to Adrenal disease.Her spleen is also enlarged, but she doesn't know why. She put her on antibiotics incase the enlargement is due to infection.Has any one out there had similar problems with thier Adrenal baby??

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