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From: "Yvonne Wehmueller"
Date: 2006-01-28 16:59:25 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] mast cell tumor
To: <>

Hi everyone,

My ferret has a mast cell tumor that is pretty itchy. Surgery is not an
option. (I wish it were, I feel badly for her.) Anyway, according to the
archives some of you have used a vet prescribed shampoo. My vet wasn't
certain which particular one you're using... can anyone suggest something?
I have her on 0.2cc Pediapred, 2x daily. I read also I might be able to
give children's liquid Benadryl. (12.5mg/5ml tsp.) My vet suggested
starting w/0.2cc, 2x daily. I thought I read I can go as high as 1.0cc. My
ferret only weighs 1.2lbs. Any thoughts? Is it OK to give Pediapred and
Benadryl together after meals?

Thanks for your help,


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