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From: xxxxxx
Date: 2006-01-31 19:43:57 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Re: Metrinidazole & bloody diarrhea, Pedialyte
To: "" <>

You should have your ferrets on carafate,
metronizadazole, and amoxi. Metronidazole on its
own doesn't help as much as with amoxicillin if
your ferrets end up having Helicobacter.

The cheapness of all of these medicines and the
quick turnaround time to results (a week) makes
me think your vet should have just started you on
these, instead of waiting around and just
administering metronidazole alone.

As for flavor, does your vet NOT compound flavors?
Our metronidazole can be either chicken or
cherry flavored.

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