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Date: 2006-02-06 22:51:48 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Pred overdose?

To bring you up to speed.. We have a little fuzzy by the name of Delta who allegedly has a fatty lump in her abdomen the vet(vet2) did an ultrasound and an xray and the outcome was he thinks it's the fatty lump and not lymphoma that another vet(vet1) diagnosed her with just by feeling. She was given prednisolone 1mg (half daily) by vet1 to reduce the swelling and vet2 agreed we should keep her on it as she "collapsed" when taken off. Vet1 is local to us and vet2 isn't so they pass notes between each other.
Vet1 continues to see Delta and
we went to them for a check up and a repeat prescription of pred.
That evening we gave her the new pred as normal and though nothing of it. The next evening as drug time arrived we noticed the tablets were bigger, looked at the bottle to find they were 5mg tablets as opposed to 1mg. Delta weighs just over 1lb and we freaked at what she had been given.

Now the question.. Can it have an adverse affect on her little body? What could have happened if we had continued giving her them and not noticed? When we complained to vet1 she was VERY blase about it and said she had mentioned that she had changed the dose and we are adamant she had not as we would have protested at such a high dose for a fuzzy so small.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this!

Arleen, Claire and the three hairy beasties x

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