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Date: 2006-03-17 16:53:59 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Polo update, ferret with enlarged prostate problems

First off I want to thank everyone that has sent info privately and on the
board to help with Polo's problem. He went back to the vet again yesterday, and
bless his little heart he peed twice on Dr Brad's floor. They got a pee
sample from him and it looks so much better the infection is clearing up. He
wrote him a script for the Propecia 1mg a day for 30 days, then 0.1 mg there
after. We had it compounded with a chicken flavor so it would be easier to give,
plus that way I know he is getting all of it. The pills make me nervous, that
they may not get their full dosage. It was a little more expensive for the
first month.
So far the little guy is peeing everywhere, lol. I have had him on liquid
Melatonin and we increased the dose to 1.5 mg a day. We are checking into the
Lupron, around here in Oklahoma it is very costly, so hopefully we can find it
somewhere a little better priced. The good thing is he is finally peeing on
his own, and the infection is clearing up.
He is an old little guy but still has a lot of fight left in him. I pray
this helps him out until its time to go to the bridge. He is in good spirits
considering all what he has gone through, he is eating good and drinking good
too. His poos still look a little weird, but the did a fecal float on him and it
was negative.
Thank you everyone, and please say a little prayer this helps him so he can
enjoy the rest of his little life.

Julie & 12 fuzzy wuzzies
SIdney Sue & Slinky (angels at the rainbow bridge)

To live and not to Breath, is to die in tragedy ! !

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