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From: alicia ferretlady drakiotes
Date: 2006-03-20 23:47:25 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] darkness/natural sunlight

--- wrote:

> I know there is much discussion about ferrets
> getting total darkness if
> possible, and that for many, it is not possible or
> practical. My ferrets are in a
> basement bedroom and I have covered up the very
> small high window, so they
> actually get total darkness. My question is whether
> they also need to get
> natural sunlight for this to be possibly helpful or
> effective for them?

HI Liosa-

>From experience of adoptors I would Say INDEED they
also need sunlight for the ferrets to remain healthy.

Example: intact female ferret kept in total darkness
Rooms with drapes, liners etc for 2.5 years suddenly
loses hair looking adrenal. They contacted me about
this adn I asked repeated questions to find out the
ferret had limited artificial light adn no daylight...
They were adament it was a genetic disorder.

Shortly thereafter they moved to an apt where
ferrets were allowed (they were secretly keeping the
ferret where they had been) and once the ferret was
allowed to receive daylight her coat returned.

I cannot see a clearer example as to how living in
absolute deprivation of natural light is healthy.

The ferrets like humans need dark & light to remain

Alicia Drakiotes

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