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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2006-03-22 19:05:41 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Re: Insulinoma issue now, please any help would be appreciated
To: FHL <>

I was asked off list to provide these pieces of information to help
list members:

Here is some information for several concentrations found for
Prednisolone in recent years, if memory serves (some for Pediapred
and some for generics, and there are even more when the med is
compounded because then the possible range is larger).





As you see, the last has 7 times more medicine than the first in the
same volume.

The third has 5 times as much medication as the first in the same

The second has 2 times as much medication as the first in the same

One of the people interested in the dosing conversation is giving the
2mg/ml concentration. Here is how some common amounts quoted work
out in relation to that concentration.

0.20 ml x 2 mg/ml means that each dose gives 0.4 mg of med at that

0.25 ml x 2 mg/ml means that each dose gives 0.5 mg of the med (half
an mg)

0.5 ml x 2 mg/ml means that each dose give 1 milligram of the med

So, a ferret who is getting 0.25 ml of the 2 mg/ml prednisolone 2
time a day will be getting one milligram of prednisolone each day.

If the ferret were on the 1 mg/ml concentration the ferret would be
getting only half that much medication even though the ml levels
would be the same because there is only half as much med in mg per ml.

You can see how the amounts of actual medication received go up a lot
more for the same volume if the medication is more concentrated in
the fluid (a higher mg level for each ml).

Weight also matters for dosing many meds, which is why the vet texts
tell how much in milligrams to give for each kilogram of weight.

Re: Diazoxide and variation in responsiveness:

Ferrets vary a lot in their response to diazoxide, and it is
expensive, so it pays to buy enough compounded for a couple of weeks
for a trial to see if it has an effect on the individual if you are
not going the surgical route.

We have had some who were incredibly responsive to the med, and have
also encountered that with lymphoma in the pancreas (but not
personally with carcinoma in the pancreas), but for some ferrets it
may as well be water.

There are variations among insulinoma cases which are not at all
understood, which I guess is not a surprise since many aspects of the
pancreas are still being discovered. It was only recently that it
was discovered that there is an endocrinological aspect involving
melatonin, and even more recently that the pancreas has estradiol (an
estrogen hormone) receptors.

The body turns Prednisone into Prednisolone in the liver before the
medication can be used, so if there is any liver impairment
Prednisolone will be far more effective than Prednisone.

-- Sukie (not a vet)
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